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Guitar Market … are guitars a good investment?



The Vintage Guitar Market’s Wild Ride

Eric Clapton performing with his 1939 000-42

By: Jens Erik Gould, Published: February 6, 2014

In July 1965, Bob Dylan took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival with a sunburst Fender Stratocaster. The set marked the first time the rising folk icon had ever played live with a plugged-in band, shocking folk purists while at the same time catapulting him to the forefront of rock n’ roll. It became, according to Dylan biographer Clinton Heylin, “the most written-about performance in the history of rock.”

Dylan left the guitar on a private airplane. Subsequently stored in the attic of the plane’s pilot for decades, the guitar found its way to Christie’s auction house in New York in December 2013—nearly 50 years later. Although the pre-auction estimate forecast a price between $300,000 and $500,000, it ended up selling for a monumental $965,000 after fees—a new record for a guitar sold at auction, edging…

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Respect Animals, help them, sign the petition or start your own petition. Stop animal abuse, do not go to animal circuses.



Stop Sponsoring Circus Cruelty

Stop Sponsoring Circus Cruelty

We’ve got 4,180 signatures, help us get to 5,000

Tell Goldstar you disapprove of its promotion of Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus. The circus has a long history of public deception and animal cruelty, but despite recieving information from PETA, online ticket seller Goldstar continues to promote Ringling on its website and in newsletters.

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Still-nursing baby elephants at Ringling’s facility are captured rodeo-style, roped around all four legs, tethered neck-to-neck to an anchor elephant, and dragged away from their mothers so that they can learn circus tricks. They scream, cry, and struggle as they are gouged with bullhooks and shocked with electric prods. After undergoing a year of violent daily training sessions, elephants continue to endure beatings with bullhooks as well as constant confinement as they travel from city to city, forced to perform for screaming crowds night…

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Vintage Guitar Show & Blues


Reunion Blues’ Vintage Guitars Road Show, the show hits up Bananas at Large in California. Highlights include: * A very rough ’69 Jazz Bass with so many modifications – including removal of the binding, and the owner’s name and SSN etched into the hardware – the appraisers get a little upset. Still, the bass’ value will surprise you. * The single prototype of Fender’s Gold Custom Shop Strat. There was a limited run of 100, which was commissioned for NAMM’s 100th anniversary in 2001. * Near-perfect 1961 SG-style Les Paul Jr.